Foot Fetish, Masturbation Encouragement
I know your weakness, Seth. You can’t stop staring at my little toes and my soft inner thighs. It makes you ache to imagine your throbbing manhood pressing into my meaty, warm flesh…the most tender spot on my entire body. What an amazing orgasm you could have if I sandwiched your hard cock against this thigh with my hand…and rubbed until you exploded. But you can’t take your eyes off of my pudgy little toes, can you Seth? What if I used my feet to stimulate your sensitive dick on my thighs instead of my hand? You might not be able to last long…that’s good because I want you to blow for me.

Fantasy includes: masturbation encouragement, foot fetish, toe fetish, thigh fetish, tease, big tits, dirty talk, flip flops, barefoot, big legs

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