Xev Bellringer – Friends With Benefits

You have always been a great friend. You took care of me when I was going through my breakup and everything. I don’t think any other guy would have done that without trying to get in my pants. But…I’ve never been this long without a man and…I have needs. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Look, you’re single and I need dick…we can both get what we want without being ‘together’ you know? Mmm he seems to like the idea. C’mon Tucker, now is not the time to be honorable. Let’s just…fuck. God, it’s been so long since I’ve rubbed myself against a man, you feel so good between my legs. So…big. Just slip it in.

Ohhh yes! Goddamn you have amazing stamina, most guys cum within like thirty seconds of being inside of me. I bet my mouth can change that though mmmph. Imagine how dirty it’d be to cum all over your best friend’s face. I bet you’ve imagined it before…now you can do it for real.

Fantasy includes: virtual sex, fake cumshot, facial, simulated blow job, post orgasm sucking, dildo sucking, riding, big tits, cleavage, foreplay, grinding, pov

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