Xev Bellringer – Make Me Do It

Your twin sister… she wants to help, to be there for you. The two of you have always been as thick as thieves, no secrets, best friends really. But somehow you were ashamed of her knowing you were dumped… for being ‘too nice.’ That didn’t stop her from finding a way to cheer you up. Besides her enthusiasm was contagious and… was she even wearing a bra??

You were certain she read your mind when she prompted you to tell her to take her shirt off… with force. Women crave men who take what they want, when they want it. The dirtier the words, the more control you took, the wetter that girl would get. Before you knew it, vulgar commands began to spill out of your mouth… and your sister obeyed.

You’d never seen her this way before. Completely naked, breasts swaying, her pink pussy blushing between her thick legs. You couldn’t stop yourself, with all of her encouragement… and that longing gaze. Was it lust? By your command, she reached down and started rubbing herself, and you sprung your pulsating cock from your pants.

There was a fleeting hesitation from her, but you stifled it. She asked for this, and you were going to take it. You told your sister to suck your cock, and before you knew it her warm mouth was sliding up and down your shaft. She wanted more and begged you to shove her head down forcefully to throat your stiff manhood.

Surprised by yourself, the gagging and her wet spit was turning you on in such a new way. You had to take her. Now. You spun her around, pushed her down with that big ass in the air and pushed your cock into her ass.

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