Xev Bellringer – Napping with Mommy

Oh, were you resting sweetie? I’m sorry for just barging in, it’s just I’m so lonely with your father away on business and everything. I want someone to talk to, besides we don’t have our little conversations as much as we used to. Honey, there’s nothing wrong with Mommy not wearing any pants, this is my nightwear. That didn’t used to bother you – remember when we’d cuddle under the covers together? It makes me sad that we’re not close anymore sweetie. Yes, I’ve had a few glasses, but that doesn’t matter. I just love you so much. Can I rest with you tonight? Just wrap your arms around me and give your mother the love she needs.

I know you have school in the morning, so we can get to bed now. Good night dear, rest tight.

Oh my goodness, I’m sorry for touching you like that sweetheart. I thought you were your father. Wow, maybe I did have a little too much…I’m so sorry. Well of course I took off my clothes, I always rest in the nude dear. Erm, let’s just laugh this off and get back to bed. G’night.

Mmm…wh-what is…OH MY GOD. You…you were just inside of me. My own son….what have we done. I’m sorry, this is all my fault, for napping with you. I should have known this was a risk, but I couldn’t possibly have imagined it happening. You…liked it? Well I enjoyed it too, but I can’t believe my own son could make me feel like that. You want to keep going? It’s so wrong, but I can’t resist. Get on your back then and let’s keep going sweetie. I love you so much.

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