Xev Bellringer – Pizza girl blackmail

boss. I’m begging you, this’ll be my third strike, if you report me I’ll be fired for sure. Please, sir how can I make this mistake up to you?? I…I’m not sure coming into your house is…no of course I don’t want you to call him. Ok, I’ll come in.

So you want me to take my shoes off…that’s all, right? WHAT?! You…you can’t ask me to be your personal slut, isn’t that a little bit extreme for the mistake that I made? NO! No, please…don’t call him…OK, I’ll do it. I’m sorry, this is all so new to me. I’ve never been in a situation like this. Oh my God, please don’t make me suck it, please. I’ll do anything else! No, I know what a slut is supposed to do…I’m sorry, I’ll get on my knees.

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