You decide to make me physically punish myself in front of you after spending too much of your money on expensive things, like my new dress. I protest returning the clothes, which turns out to be a big mistake. You have me call you ‘Sir’ and order me to spank myself, slap my breasts, and pinch my tender nipples. My reluctance eventually gives out to sexual excitement as I notice you getting hard, and I beg to taste you in my mouth. You give me permission, but are soon disappointed with my lackluster deep throating abilities. You order me to train my throat using my fingers, one by one, pushing my oral limits while a strong vibrator stimulates my swollen g-spot. It’s doesn’t escape your attention that I’m close to cumming, but you deny me that pleasure and have me switch to my clit. Denying me release again, you have me get on my knees to receive your glorious load. At last, your final orders direct me to vibrate my clit while I penetrate my wet pussy with a dildo. Outrageously aroused, wet, and sexually frustrated, I stop prematurely by your command and prepare to return the dress in my messy state

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