In The Ring II feat. Christina Carter & Reagan Foxx

The dynamic duo returns to put the finale on their tantalizing trio of matches, as you recall when last we left the girls in the ring, Christina had just won the first fall of their best out of three match, and she goes for some shaking retribution – the vibrator comes out and the hum goes through Reagan till she writhes with sexual fervor and orgasms overwhelm her. Time for the next fall, fight ladies and see who can take her sexual wrestling to the limit. Reagan gets a good start as she throws Chris to the floor and wraps her panties around her head and into her mouth, then puts on a killer camel clutch and stretch. She goes on to destroy with a great match book that allows access to her pussy where fingers and tongue make their way in, even gets to the vibrator to take her turn shaking Christina to orgasm and wins the second fall – now it’s her turn for sexual dominance and she plans on going all the way with it, that’s right, she straps on the dildo and bends Christina over slapping her penis hard on that vulnerable clit. Soon she has Christina spread out on the canvas as she slams her big cock in, screams of delight and anguish fill the air. Time for the big one, whoever wins this last fall wins the match and both ladies are determined, each gets control as the wrestling gets wild, both are so determined to prevail and they pull out all their sexual tricks, the scissors are tighter, the sex is more extreme, they even use the ropes for control and finally they clamp their wet pussies together and rub for victory, both are determined to be the sexual superstar and be the number one of the dynamic duo – who wins this amazing third fall of this unbelievable third match, it’s the beautiful

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