XXXMultimedia – The Age Regression Psychologist

My job as a psychologist is to try and understand the mental behaviors and processes of the brain. That can range from anything to slight depression and stress to something as severe as paranoia. Whatever the case may be, I give my best effort in treating the problem that the patient may be experiencing.

In certain cases dealing with stress, most people are overwhelmed with the every day relationships and chores that come along with being an adult. Being a common issue, I developed a technique that I felt would help people relax without prescribing them medication.

With the hit of a button on a special control, the patient would fly back several years in time making them careless and younger in a now stress-free world.

Their experience in the world decreases and pushes them back into their teenage years. If I find that they are still unhappy or stressed in that state, I continue to push them back further until I find a state in which they no longer have to worry about anything.

Given that standpoint, sometimes patients go as far back as becoming a toddler again. In that state, they are carefree, and totally dependent on another individual for all of their needs. They slowly lose their motor skills and language development, and just simply enjoy themselves as a baby.

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