Aaliyah Taylor – Terra’s 2 – Baby

Terra is awaiting her therapist, Dr Aaliyah has come for a house call about her stress therapy, and they are going to do a house session. Terra is shocked when her therapist suggests that she puts on a diaper since last time she wet her pants while she was under . Unknowing to her, Aaliyah has put in alot of subliminal cues to make her regress into a infant state and lose control of her bladder. Once Aaliyah has her in a diaper, she starts the session and once she mentions the trigger word, Terra floods her diaper and babbles just like a real baby. Aaliyah is very pleased that the has worked so well on Terra that she pulls out of her bag a cute baby dress for her new baby to wear and dresses and then gets a nice bottle and sits on her mommy lap and drinks it right up. Terra is playing with her feet when Aaliyah come back to feeds her baby. After a snack, Terra still in her state,. Aaliyah decides her session time is up and changes her baby’s diaper one last time before saying the key word again, returning Terra back to herself. She is shocked to find herself in a baby dress and fresh diaper as her therapist explains what has happened to her leaving her with some fresh diapers just in case.

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