Allherluv – Haunted – Katrina Jade & August Ames

August and Katrina are all alone in the house, it’s October, and August is in the mood to show Katrina her magical board. She eagerly lights candles and pours a salt circle around the girls, “white encourages good spirits, and the salt helps protect us from evil.” Katrina rolls her eyes, she doesn’t believe in spirits, but she agrees to play along. August proudly tells Katrina the rules of the board. Katrina agrees to the rules, she’s eager to see the end to August’s silly idea.
August closes her eyes, “We open the wall to the portal of the undead to communicate with thee.”
Katrina tries to stifle her laughter, “thee?”

“Shut up,” August mutters to her sister, she continues to talk to the air with her eyes closed, “We are kind, good living spirits, and we seek purely kind undead spirits, are there any in this realm that can guide our planchette? Please say yes.”
The planchette moves to.. “yes”

The girls look at each other in disbelief. Katrina wonders if her sister moved the planchet, but she can see from August’s scared facial expression that she did not. August and Katrina are eager to learn about this spirit. The two place their fingers on the planchette and ask more questions.

Katrina breaks some of the rules, allowing the spirit to get closer, the closer the spirit becomes, the louder her voice is. The spirit can see them. The spirit wants to be seen!

August, ” We’re done, we’re closing the portal.”
“No, stop it.. we’re just starting to have fun!” Katrina breathes in deeply, “Show yourself to me!”

Watch the story unfold..

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