Angel The Dreamgirl – More Than a Tease

The Script: 1st scene. I would like this to be shot like your clip #182. The part where you are walking the man to your room.
This part doesn’t have to be in public, you can just lead him though some hallways or an elevator like in clip #185.
While you are leading him the camera should go back and forth from looking at your face, to ass and to your open toe high heels. Like the ones you wore in clip #114. You should also wear a skirt or dress, bare feet and gloves. Like the last pair you wore in clio #280. You can also dirty talk a little bit. Talk about how your ass, lips and heels make him horny.
This 1st scene doesn’t have to be long. Only 1 minute would be long enough.

2nd scene: You’re back in your apartment now and you shove him onto your bed or a couch like you do in clip #182. You then start to tease him with your heels, putting a foot between his legs also like you did in #182. Rubbing on his cock through his pants.
While you’re doing this you can take off your gloves to show him your beautiful hands. Still in p.o.v.
Your nails can be like they were in clip #231, #265 or #261. It’s really up to you though, because your hands are always sexy, that’s why they’re a focus of this clip. You can do a little more dirty talk here. Tease him about how hard he gets because of your hands and feet. “You really like my hands baby.” “My hands and feet my you cum so good baby.”

3rd scene: now you have him on your bed and you are above him. Like the angle in clips #211 and #223.
Now you proceed to tease him slowly with your fingers and fingernails. You can hover your mouth close to his cock, breathing on to tease him more. After that goes on for a while you can slow down even more. Now you only stroke him slowly with your nails, still in the same camera angle. You can dirty talk about how you have to slow down so he doesn’t cum too fast. Then you tell him; “I’ll use my feet to change it up for you baby.”

4th scene: now you switch postitions so you are on top of him like in clip #132.
At first you still have your heels on and you tease him with them slowly using your hands to rub his cock on the heels. Just like you did in clip #193.After that you take off you heels amd give him a footjob. Still in the same p.o.v. angle.
Then you can dirty talk some more. Tell him that you’re switching back to your hands to ti make him cum. “Baby, I think you’re almost ready now.” “You want my hands to make you cum.” “I know you do. I can tell.”

5th scene: now you’re in the same position you use at the end of clip #231.
You can use your tongue a little bit in this part too, and tease him a little bit faster, but still without actually going fast.It would be nice if you can make him cum the same way you do in clip #231. If not that’s fine, but the cum shot should end the clip in this scene. Thanks.

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