Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Lizzy – Red Bottom From Touching Red Bottoms

Amber, a Level 1 sorority girl, is the boss of Lizzy, a Level 2 sorority girl. Amber can assign tasks to Lizzy as needed to make Amber happier. Amber has 2 pairs of red bottoms purchased for her by a dumb dumb male, whose soles are dusty and dirty. Red bottoms should only be cleaned by the tongues of either the purchaser, a beta in chastity, or a simp vying for attention. Amber simply instructs Lizzy to go into the basement and use one of the slave’s tongues to lick the red bottoms clean. Amber leaves the room to go find things she wants and add them to her Wishlist. When Amber leaves Lizzy is amazed at how beautiful and expensive Amber’s red bottom shoes are. She holds them to her feet and Amber catches her in the act. “Those are mine Lizzy! Not yours! Mine!” Amber screams at the level 2. Amber pulls her by her ear to the living room where she puts her over her knee. Amber has the responsibility to train and punish Level 2 girls. Amber viciously spanks Lizzy with a hairbrush. The spanking is short but brutal. Lizzy is a crying mess. Amber is satisfied that Lizzy has learned an important lesson. Don’t touch things that are mine!

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