Brat Princess – Chloe and Lizzy – Rich Brat Dunks Poor Girls Head in Dirty Mop Bucket

Lizzy is cleaning the kitchen floor on her hands and knees. Chloe comes in and yells at her. She isn’t happy with the job Lizzy has done cleaning the other rooms. Lizzy apologizes to Chloe, but that isn’t enough to make it right. Lizzy offers to re-do the other floors in the house. Chloe still is not happy. Then Chloe notices that Lizzy is wearing makeup. Lizzy’s been preening herself to make herself look prettier, instead of focusing her attention on cleaning the floors. Lizzy admits that she’s tried to make herself look pretty because she was hoping that, after finishing all the chores, she could go out with Chloe. Chloe laughs. She NEVER wants to be seen in public with Lizzy. Lizzy is POOR. She doesn’t have nice enough clothing. Chloe would never want to be seen with a someone who dresses rags like the ones Lizzy wears. It would be embarrassing.

Chloe decides that she needs to teach Lizzy a lesson and wash the makeup off her face. Lizzy has been lectured by Chloe before about this very same issue. Today Chloe is going to make the lesson stick. Chloe wants Lizzy to wash the makeup off her face in the bucket of dirty mop water. Lizzy is reluctant to stick her head into the bucket of very dirty water. Chloe helps Lizzy by pushing her head into the bucket. She holds her face down in the dirty water. Lizzy blubbers and cries when Chloe lets her come up for air. Chloe dunks Lizzy’s face into the dirty bucket repeatedly. She wants to make sure the girl gets all the makeup off her face.

The dirty mop water washes most of the makeup from Lizzy’s face, and her tears take care of the rest. Once the makeup has been removed, Chloe makes Lizzy kiss her feet. While Lizzy is humbled, Chloe surprises Lizzy by giving her a big wedgie. Lizzy is startled by the wedgie and screams. Chloe has somewhere to be, so she leaves Lizzy a sobbing wet mess in the kitchen. She reminds her to have the floors sparkling clean before she gets back. Lizzy grabs the sponge and gets back to cleaning Chloe’s kitchen floor. This clip features a bonus highlight of Chloe and Lizzy in another great clip!

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