BrookelynneBriar – Sensual Cum Eating Encouragement

I have a confession to make – lately, I have not been able to stop thinking about your cock. The thought of you stroking it makes me so fucking wet! Please, let me watch you. Mmmm, does that feels good? How about I instruct you and you follow along. You know that I love to take the lead. You know that I love the way you fall under my spell. I could ask you to do anything at this point couldn’t I? I know that you have always wanted to taste your own cum, but I also know that you always chicken out after you orgasm. But now, now that I have you so hot and so horny, maybe I can get you past the finish line. Stroke to that thought. Stroke to the thought of shooting hot, stick ropes of cum all over my body and then licking them up. Good boy, you can do it! Focus on me and your cum-eating desire as I count you down to orgasm. Then, unleash your wad all over my pussy and lick it up without giving it a second thought! The combination of cum and pussy cream is amazing, but not as amazing as the high you will get from the sense of achievement!

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