Cali Carter – Power of Attorney ft Lady Fyre & Laz Fyre

Laz Fyre, Lady Fyre & Cali Carter

Power of Attorney
Featuring Cali Carter. Your wife, Olivia, is a gold digger, and now that you’re at the end of your life, she doesn’t feel the need to hide it.

Of course, you already kind of knew why she stayed with you, but she’s been playing you this whole time, pretending to be in love with you.

When you got sick, she volunteered to help the lawyer draw up your Will. Your lawyer, Cali, spent long hours & late nights with your wife who eventually seduced Cali. This was the only way she could get what she wants.

Cali changed the Will so that your wife will get everything, and your heirs will get nothing. Olivia would have stopped there, but Cali informed her that she was lucky to slip the new changes past you in your weakened state, and she can only hide it from the rightful heirs for another day or two.

It’s best if your life ends today. After all, you’re going to pass anyway, and neither wishes to risk going to jail.

They devise what they believe is the most humane plan. They will end your life by fulfilling a wish that you’ve had since you were a young man: the wish to have a threesome. It’s a perfect plan really.

Your heart is weak, and you will need a boner pill to get it up. Once they give you the pill, they make out so you can get hard. Then they start on you. While you’re passing, the machines start beeping louder & louder.

You can hear the noise, but you don’t care. You got yourself into this mess, and you’re going to enjoy every last second of your life. The machines begin to make the “flat line” sound, and annoyed, Olivia pulls the plug

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