[CC Productions] Identity Crisis – Christina Carter, Emily Addison

Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody

The bar for SUPER-HEROINE story driven clip downloads has been raised. “CATWOMAN vs. BATGIRL PARODY: IDENTITY CRISIS” stars Christina Carter as Catwoman and Emily Addison as Batgirl. These two smoking hot pros are arguably the hottest girl-girl combination in the fetish-bondage genre and besides you already know what Christina Carter brings to the party when wearing a super-heroine costume. FYI, Catwoman is parodied as the 1966, Lee Meriwether version of the character from the television show Batman. This parody video is 30-minutes of sizzling hot super-heroine action from the best in the business Christina Carter Productions. Storyline: Batgirls confronts Catwoman in her secret lair but the feisty feline is not going down without a knockdown drag out, claws out cat-fight. With both superheroine’s identities compromised at the hand of the other. A deal is brokered between good and evil that is too smoking hot for words. You’ll have to see it to believe it! Please look for additional Batgirl (Emily Addison) and Catwoman (Christina Carter) releases in the coming weeks from Christina Carter Production.

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