Christina Carter dominated & auctioned off to Tilly McReese – Detective Carter: Harem Undercover(Part 2)

Here is a brand new Christina Carter adventure – the conclusion episode to “Detective Carter: Harem Undercover”. To summarize Part 1 – Detective Christina Carter went undercover, posing as a harem girl to infiltrate a high-end sex slave auction. After being discovered, she was strung up and tortured by one of the buyers/clients (Tilly McReese). Her fate was revealed in Part 1 – that she would enter the auction, but prior to that, the buyer (Tilly) who discovered her deception would have free reign to play w/ her for a bit.

That’s where we pick up here in the SEXY CONCLUSION EPISODE! We open with Det. Carter bound in a bondage device, on her hands/knees. In walks Tilly, the sex slavery auction client who had discovered her deception previously. This evil German girl has been given free reign to do whatever she likes to Det. Carter prior to the auction. Tilly (speaking both English and German throughout!) TAUNTS AND TEASES Det. Carter. She pulls up her dress, revealing a stiff black dildo. At first Tilly PULLS DOWN Det. Carter’s PANTYHOSE, exposing her. She then makes Det. Carter SUCK HER DILDO.

It seems that Tilly is something of a lesbian and foot freak herself, as she takes some time to SUCK ON and LICK Det. Carter’s helpless nylon feet. We then see Tilly begin a HOT SESSION of using both her DILDO and a HITACHI to FUCK DET. CARTER and FORCE HER TO CUM! Including a sexy POV-shot from Tilly’s perspective where the now-wet hitachi forces Det. Carter to ORGASM.

We then move into the auction phase (last several minutes of the clip) – we hear the crowd around as the bidding commences for Det. Carter. Tilly is there, and after several bids, WINS THE BIDDING! It seems that Det. Carter will be going home w/ Tilly to Germany, to spend out her days as Tilly’s sex toy. Det. Carter is DEFIANT TO THE END. At the end of the auction, the auctioneer hands Tilly something to PUT DET CARTER OUT (which she does) to seal the deal.

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