Meana Wolf – Mommy Needs Me

“Clip Contains: Your needy mother can’t bare the thought of you leaving her alone. You’re the only man she really loves… you’re the only man she really needs. You’ve both been trying so hard to fight your feelings for each other. But she’s not going to let you go. Not without showing you exactly what she feels. She gets down on her knees to suck your cock. You moan…your moms mouth feels so fucking good. She takes you inside of her as she lays down on the table… mommy needs you to cum deep inside of her. Mommy needs you.”

Meana barefeet is cleaning the kitchen while her “son” is finishing to eat. She then goes by him and starts teasing him, showing her almost bare ass, her legs, she fondles herself her tights and pussy with panties still on. Then she exposes one boob and he palpates it for a while but “mommy” soon kneels in front of him, bares his cock and starts kissing and rubbing it very sensually, her mouth literally eats his cock chapel. Meana alternates rubbing, kissing, licking the cock and eating the chapel for a long time, making it harder and harder, she sometimes use both hands. She than bends over, removes her panties and her pussy gets drilled by her “son”’s cock, he sometimes slaps her buttocks with the cock before fucking her over and over. Meana then is very good at moving her ass all around as she seems to fuck herself him with her pussy. He then caresses her pussy for a while and the fucking starts again, with Meana’s butt exciting movements. She then turns around and lies down on the table so to get fucked this way, her boobs are naked and she has a small bush on the pubis while the pussy is perfectly razed. While being fucked Meana also rubs herself the clit and loudly moans in pleasure. After climax we see the cum pouring from Meana’s hole, together with her own juices, while she goes on fondling her pussy. In the end she tastes her “son”’s cum and licks her moist fingers eagerly, thanking him for fulfilling her needs

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