Coco Vandi – Mom and Son’s Magical Christmas

It’s Christmas break and I decided to fly home to spend the holidays with my parents, when I got home my mom told me that dad was gonna be on business trip for Christmas. Me and my mom made small talk and she teased me because I didn’t give her my Christmas list. When she left the room I asked myself how I could tell her that she was what I wanted for Christmas. I saw a picture of Santa and jokingly asked if he could help me. I don’t know if Santa is real but somehow this Christmas became magical. When dinner was over I told mom I loved her and went to bed, at some point in the middle of the night Santa came! I woke up and mom was in my room in a sex red outfit and told me that Santa said she was what I wanted for Christmas. I was stunned and shocked but I decided to go with it. My beautiful mom stripped for me and then started sucking my cock! When mom had had her fill of blowing me she straddled me and started bouncing up and down on my cock. I creampied my mom that magical Christmas eve, thanks Santa.

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