Cory Chase – Step Son fucks his Step Mom with his Big Dick

Scene One: The Convict

A young man (Ricky) and his mother (Cory Chase) are sitting in their living room talking when out of nowhere, the door flies open and a strange person comes in carrying a weapon. The stranger informs them to be quiet and not move. He then ties up each of them to a chair and asks them for money. They tell the stranger they don’t have much money but the stranger looks around anyway until he finds the mother’s purse and after rummaging through it, finds the mother’s cell phone and a couple of hundred dollars.

The stranger then informs them that he or she needs to lay low for a little while so he wants to have some fun while they are there. The stranger then unties the mother and orders her to do a striptease for her son or else he will do him bodily harm. The mother reluctantly begins to slowly dance and strip until the stranger notices the son has an erection. He then orders the mother to give him a blowjob. She reluctantly kneels in front of her son and apprehensively starts sucking his cock and telling him not to worry everything is going to be all right. Meanwhile the stranger starts filming them with the mother’s cell phone. He then orders the mother to straddle his cock with her facing her son. When she starts to slowly move up and down on his cock the stranger orders his son to kiss and suck her breasts. After a short while them fucking in this position, he unties them and orders the son to fuck his mother missionary style. By now their bodies have betrayed them and they find themselves thoroughly enjoying what they are doing when the stranger has them swap positions and orders the son to fuck his mother doggy style. The son is so worked up by now he starts to fuck her hard and fast until he finally proclaims his going to cum and pulls his cock out of her pussy whereupon she kneels in front of him and he cums on her tits. As soon as he finishes cumming, she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it clean.

It’s at this point they suddenly realize the stranger is gone so the runs over and locks the door. He then asks his mother. “What are we going to do?” She immediately grabs his cock firmly and tells him something like this. “I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do, we’re going to go to my bedroom and you are going to fuck me like your life depended on it again.

Scene Two: Mother Takes Care Of Her Disabled Son

Cory (Mom) is standing at the sink in her kitchen when her son rolls up in his wheelchair and while rubbing her ass, says, “How is my sexy MILF mother doing today?” Without even turning around, she pushes his hand away and says, “Stop it, I’m your mother and you know we can’t do what you have in mind.” He continues to plead with her. “Please mom, it’s hurting real bad.”

She then kneels between his legs and starts jerking him off but when he doesn’t cum quickly, she starts to blow him. When that doesn’t work, she takes off the short dress she’s wearing and straddles him. After bouncing up and down on his cock and he still doesn’t cum, she tells him something like this. “This isn’t working, let’s go to the bedroom.”

Ricky is laying in the bed and his mother is wildly sucking his cock before straddling his cock with her back to him. She bounces up and down on his cock but he still won’t cum. She then tries sliding her breasts up and down his cock while alternatively sucking the head of it. Finally, she faces him and climbs back on his cock and bounces up and down until he declares he’s going to cum. She jumps off his cock and starts stroking it while alternately slapping it with her hand while saying, “Give it to me, give mommy your nasty cum!” She does this until he finally cums.

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