Corys superheroine adventures – Molly Jane & Cory Chase – Wunder Woman Broken and Mindwiped

Scene One: Torture until unconscious
Wunder Woman is with her hands tied over her head, her eyes blindfolded. Molly slaps her awake and pulls up her blindfold. “Look at how pretty you”, Molly sneers slapping Wunder Woman’s face and tits. She pulls up Wunder Woman’s top to play with her perfect breasts. “I don’t think you should be Wunder Woman anymore, I think it’s time for me to be Wunder Woman”, Molly says explaining her plan and taking off her cape and crown. “No no”, Wunder Woman cries as Molly ties the magic lasso around Wunder Woman’s neck. “What are you going to do to me”, Wunder Woman screams as her skirt and panties are slowly pulled off her body. She removes Wunder Woman’s boots and forcefully kisses the superheroine on the mouth. “I think it’s time to have some fun with you”, Molly says.

Scene Two: Suck until humiliated
She slaps Wunder Woman’s tits hard and enjoying the sounds of torture from her. Wunder Woman gasps for air and screams as she is slapped. “Please just let me go”, Wunder Woman screams. She is flipped around and spanked on her perfect ass. “I can’t take anymore”, Wunder Woman pleads. She is slapped until she hanging lifelessly from the wall. Molly wakes her up a short time later, she is wearing a strap on cock and takes her down from the wall. “I have a special treat for you”, she says shoving the cock in Wunder Woman’s mouth. Wunder Woman gags and chokes on the huge cock as she is face fucked like a whore.

Scene Three: Fuck until broken
“No, where are we going?”, Wunder Woman says breathlessly as she is dragged to a bench and pushed onto all fours. Her face is a mask of humiliation and horror as the huge cock is shoved inside her. Molly loves the moans and pleads that come from Wunder Woman as her cock fucks her so deep and hard. “I want to be Wunder Woman again”, Wunder Woman pleads between fucks. Molly reties the rope around Wunder Woman’s neck, squeezing it tight. She makes her stand and yells “Submit to me.” “Yes master I will submit”, Wunder Woman says completely under Molly’s control. “I will submit to you master”, Wunder Woman keeps repeating as her wrist bands are removed. “let’s make you nice and pretty”, Molly says putting lipstick and a brunet wig on Wunder Woman. Molly puts a lacy purple bra on her and begins the process of transforming Wunder Woman into an ordinary girl.

Scene Four: Transformed until ordinary girl
The transformation continues as Molly takes off the rope from the completely controlled Wunder Woman’s neck. “There, just like a nice little housewife”, Molly says putting a shirt on her. “Yes master I will submit”, Wunder Woman responds. Standing like a zombie Wunder Woman can only watch as Molly puts on her uniform, red panties and all. Now complete Molly finishes Wunder Woman’s transformation. “I am an ordinary girl, my name is Cory”, Wunder Woman says as Molly puts the rest of the clothes on her. Their roles are switched and they leave to start their new lives.

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