Daphne’s Fantasies – Dick Move

Odette (Alison Rey) has come to confess to her best friend, Laura (London River), that she’s having sex with Laura’s boyfriend Jeremy (Mark Zane). But Odette swears it is only because Jeremy’s cock has some kind of weird mesmeric power over her… and Laura is surprisingly calm about the revelation…

Scene starts out with Odette confessing to her friend that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, with herself. We cut to seeing her looking for the washroom, and running into the boyfriend in a towel. He drops the towel, and she is mesmerized by his cock. We then see her being hypnotized by his cock, progressing into a blowjob. We cut back to them talking as she tells her more, like getting a text with a dick pic, and telling her to come over, she starts to play with herself, then we see her walking in the door, and after being mesmerized by his cock again, blowing him. She then explains that she started coming over all the time, begging him to fuck her, but she is denied.

No Laura confess’s that she too is mesmerized by his cock, and tells a similar story to their meeting. Starting off with a naked blowjob. This continues on while we cut back to the girls talking, then he starts to fuck her doggy style on the bed. She eventually tells her girlfriend, that this is all a setup as her boyfriend wanted her as well. This continues on with a threesome with both girls sucking and fucking him as he pleases.

Scene ends with both girls going over their contacts and calling other girls over.

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