Daphne’s Fantasies – Extra Credit

Lia thinks that one of her professors might be doing something to her with his crystal pendant, and gets her friend Vicki to help her find out what is really going on. What’s really going is very different from what either of them expect…

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  • Carol 6 months ago

    hi, can you please bring the videos from the Mesmerotic website? (it’s the imaginitrix and Sinistro website)

  • Hi! Is there any chance you could re-upload “Jade achieves mindlessness” and “Star Nine Relaxes” by Daphne’s Fantasies?

    Also, thanks for all the uploads you share with us!

    • Fetishman 6 months ago

      Hey buddy, You’re very welcome, at this moment we don’t have the videos you mentioned but we will consider hem for the future.