Detective Carter – A SEXBOT Tale – Christina Carter investigates Tilly McReese’s Robotic Company

The movie opens with Detective Carter tracking Tilly down at her home, which doubles as her lab. After introductions, Tilly lets detective Carter in and they begin to discuss the mysterious happenings around McReese Robotics, including missing women (see my movie “The Investor: A FEMBOT Tale” for more). Detective Carter isn’t convinced that Tilly is telling the truth, so she looks around. As she does, Tilly’s true nature as a FEMBOT is revealed. Coming back, apparently Detective Carter has found probable cause, and FRISKS/STRIP SEARCHES Tilly on her lab table. Tilly malfunctions, and enters a directive of having to “subdue” detective Carter! Tilly (now in her FEMBOT mode) ATTACKS detective Carter, throwing her on the table, straddling her, and choking her until she’s completely out!
Returning to human emulation mode, Tilly is shocked by what she did while in her robotic state! But soon she realizes that this could be an opportunity. She could get rid of the pesky detective Carter (and the problems she brings) by TURNING HER INTO A FEMBOT! Tilly decides on what type of BOT she should create – a FEMBOT? A MAID BOT? She ends up deciding on a SEXBOT! Tilly preps detective Carter for the ordeal ahead, using a drill and beginning the operation.
We see that detective Carter has been transformed into a SEXBOT, her open panel visible, as Tilly is using a ratchet screwdriver to make adjustments. Tilly plugs her laptop into the panel, and then “activates” the new CHRISTINABOT. Turning her on, Tilly goes through various diagnostics on CHRISTINABOTS sexual prowess levels. Eventually she has her close her port, and is so excited that she’s created a new SEXBOT for their line. Tilly goes back an forth between human mode and robotic mode during this procedure. Finally in robotic mode, Tilly “tests” the new CHRISTINABOT’s sexual prowess by having CHRISTINABOT MASTURBATE HER TO ORGASM, and begin making out. It appears that McReese Robotics has a new model!

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