DickDrainers – Katrinas Ass Eating Black Snake Nightmare

Katrina hasn’t been able to sleep for a couple of weeks. Every time she drifts off, a parade of images and sounds run a marathon in her brain. Its maddening! Every day she is tired and stressed. Changing her routine, going to bed earlier….none of it has worked. Katrina is ready to try ANYTHING. After yet another sleepless night…another night filled with spooky imagery…symbols….skulls….and long black slithery things…Katrina comes to a realization. She knows exactly where these nightmares are coming from. The car accident she got into…the black guy with the foreign accent…the one who said he would get her back…the one she had dismissed as a joke and forgotten because her insurance paid for everything….it was him. IT HAD to be him. Somehow…he was mixed up in this. Somehow he had put some…voodoo curse on her! He was in her mind! He was making her see and feel…things. And deep down inside….Katrina knows there’s only ONE way…to make him stop….

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