Dixieland Fetish – Stephie Staar and Dixie Comet – Sleepy Schoolgirl (2018-07-01)

Stephie Staar & Dixie Comet Bratty schoolgirl Stephie has been sent to Principal Dixie’s office once again for fighting and stealing and generally being a bad girl. Dixie is tired of her discipline being ignored and decides it’s time to up the ante a little bit. She bends Stephie over the couch, pulls down her panties and spanks her bare ass. Stephie is surprised by the corporal punishment in this day and age but she puts on a tough face, determined not to crack. Little does she know that the spanking is only the starting point of Principal Dixie’s devious plans. Dixie commands Stephie to stare straight ahead during her punishment so that Stephie doesn’t notice Dixie putting on a gas mask between swats. Soon Stephie starts to smell something strange as the room begins to fill with sleepy gas. Dixie grabs her by the ponytail and taunts her with her gas masked face as she begins to get drowsy and eventually falls out cold. Dixie plays with her limp body and poses her before pulling off her panties the rest of the way and pulling out her tits to have some fun with her body. She licks the sleepy girls pussy for awhile until she begins to wake up then Dixie grabs a sleepy rag and puts Stephie back to her nap. Dixie now takes off her own clothes and straddles Stephie to rub their pussies together. She grinds away on her crotch until she gets herself off. Now it’s time to put them both back together and wake Stephie up. Disoriented Stephie has no idea what’s just happened but she knows she feels weird. Dixie sends her away and laughs to herself as she tries out a bit of the sleepy rag for her own entertainment.

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