FetishPros – Zip Tie Punishment

For the record, we’ve trained Missy Minks for most of her topping abilities. And while we’re not saying it’s her ability to learn and desire to learn that doesn’t make her so good, we do want to say that FetishPros thinks we’re the cause for her being so MEAN. That’s right. And here in this scene, we’ve served up the young and new Ruby Angel to her. So first Missy places a resuscitator mask on Ruby’s head, complete with an air pump. Then Missy places Ruby’s arms in a strappado, with ZIP TIES! Zip ties hurt! The original scene called for rope, but Missy called out for ties. What could we say!?! Then Missy uses zip ties to strap Ruby’s legs into a modified hog tie. If we hadn’t run out of the large ties, I’m pretty sure Ruby would still be zipped up in the FetishPros studio! Check out this hot click, right here, right now, and please let us us know if you like this update! This video was shot during a live show

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