Fuuka – My 2nd Hypnotism Experience

This is a special show that I recorded in HD with my camcorder and uploaded with the customer’s permission.
I agree to let the same person who hypn0tiz3d me for the first time in another clip that can be found here in my store. I record the show again for me to watch later, and for other’s that enjoyed my last experience as well. (FOR SCIENCE).
This time my hypn0tists voice can be heard through the entire clip.
He lulls me into an altered state and I’m completely mindless and obedient to his commands.
He turns me into a mindless, obedient, smiling, bimbo! He makes me take drags of an imaginary cigarette, and even makes me squirt with little touching, as he makes me feel a cock fucking me in my chair, that he orders me to hump faster and faster with no expression besides smiling.
When he wakes me up, I’m shocked by the mess he made me make all over my carpet, but also quite relaxed and cumTipsy. I realize he had his way with me for over 18 minutes when I look at the camcorder to turn it off.

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