Ginger Banks – Almost Caught in Public

On our way to get some lunch us girls decided to have a little fun!!! The video starts off with Jada driving the car while Zhadie and I play with each other in the back! Jada can barely keep her eyes on tho road as she watches us play in the rear view mirror!! Next Jada climbs into the back and I get into the drivers seat while they get to have some fun!! Pussy play, nipple sucking and more happens in the back seat while I am driving!! Then they decide to start to play with my nipples while driving!! Omg it was so hard to stay focused!! Jada then decides she wants to run around the car naked and when she goes to get back into the car THE DOOR IS LOCKED!!!! Omg it got my heart racing SO MUCH!!! Then she hops into the front seat naked and realizes she can’t ride up there so she climbs into the back with me while Zhadie gets up front to drive!! Then Jada and I get to have some fun in the backseat together 🙂 While we are having fun we accidentally turned onto a main road!!!!! So many cars were driving by us!!! Next I keep rubbing my pussy and ask Jada to suck on my nipples until I cum 😀 😀 😀 Last we pull over on the side of the road and Zhadie gets into the back so we can all flash and play with each other!! You’re not going to want to miss out on this video.

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