Girls Getting Sleepy – Ravae Kidnapped

Ravae has gained the attention of a deranged man with an unhealthy obsession with her. He chloroforms Ravae at her front door and lets himself inside her apartment. He kidnaps Ravae and holds her captive inside her own home. He plays with her sleeping body, handcuffs her, and forces her to take a pill that puts her into a slightly more compliant state of mind. Ravae’s new attitude doesn’t last long, however, so she is chloroformed again so that the fun can continue.

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  • Been looking for the victoria kidnapped ones pretty much since they got out and still haven’t found them no matter how much I look for them. Still, having this one is a good consolation, thanks pal.

    • Fetishman 5 years ago

      i guess we already got “victoria kidnapped” but i am not sure about that. it will be uploaded