Goddess alexandra snow – the redheaded victim

Just in time for Halloween and featuring the gorgeous Chrissy Daniels.
I’ve picked up this little bit of fluff at the hotel bar and she came so willingly to my room. Once we’re inside, I dropped my disguise and showed her my true self: a very hungry, gorgeous vampire vixen. As usual, I like my prey to be obedient and sexually aroused, so I entrance her with my stare so she becomes completely pliable. Then I make her worship my body.. my beautiful legs, ass, and of course my breasts as they spill over my corset. Once I feel she’s shown how superior my race is to hers, a mere food source, I lie her down on the bed and proceed to toy with my meal a bit more. I decide I’ll be using the femoral artery on the inside of her thigh. As I work down her body, she moans like the whore she is.Will I drain her dry or will I keep her as my new blood pet?

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