Goddess Valeria – Husband watches as I humiliate his wife

Typical day. I just relaxed. But My nasty slave got a call from her husband. I grabbed her phone and invited him to visit so that he could see everything with his own eyes. When he arrived, he was so surprised to see his wife lick My beautiful legs. Although they had been married for a long time, he did not expect to see this, because this ugly woman had been hiding from her husband for 2 years what she was doing. I thought it was a great excuse to have some fun. At first I was amused by his expression on his face and what he said: OMG lexi, how could you lie to me? But then I got bored and decided to see his reaction to a huge spit in his beloved wife from Me. Yeah that was awesome. He asked her why she put up with all this. And she asked Me for permission to answer her husband. To her husband Karl!!! Ahaha! But soon it bored Me too .. So I decided to tease My faithful slave. I began to seduce her husband, but she could no longer restrain herself. But I showed her place. So she just sobbed quietly and tried to hold back her tears. It is a pity that she gave up so quickly and ran away slamming the door .. It will be necessary to punish her later for this. No one has the right to interfere with the fun of Mistress Valeria.

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