Goddess Valeria – Visiting Grandma – Full Version

I am your Mistress. You no longer have the will. You belong to Me and I can do whatever I want with you. Today I will humiliate you in front of the dearest person for you. You will beg Me not to do this, but I will not care. Your words are empty words for Me. When your grandmother saw you in a collar she was in shock. It was difficult for an old woman to see how the person in whom she has invested so much resources licks My shoes and catches spitting on your face. But I don’t care for Me it’s just fun. I will play with you and your feelings until I get bored.
All I want is to have fun with all My heart. I like to break the rules and create problems. I am the problem. All this cute old woman wants is for Me to leave quickly and finally stop shoving My feet so deep into her granddaughter’s mouth. What does a stupid whore with a collar want? It does not matter. She’s too insignificant to think about it. So I’ll just spit in her face with thick and hot saliva right into her eye and while it flows down her cheek My foot will fuck her right in the mouth while her grandmother is shocked by it.
When you laugh for a long time, your throat dries up and you are thirsty. So I asked to make Me a drink. And this sweet old woman immediately went to cook it for Me. On the table I noticed your pastries. This fucking bitch that is lying on the floor will eat what the hostess will give her. Everything that falls out of My mouth automatically becomes a delicacy for her. You have to see the face of her grandmother ahah her beloved granddaughter, her angel eats cake and My saliva from the floor. But then she will rejoice at it. Since I noticed that they had pets at home, but My pet will eat food for them! She will be nauseous but will continue to eat food until I give permission to stop. Grandma will try to stop Me, but I will quickly put her in her place. I’m in power here!
As soon as I went to the toilet, this whore crawled to her old woman to feel sorry for her. They were not together for long. The sound of the toilet flushing means that the Mistress has finished her business. So the fat ugly whore is sent to receive her portion of humiliation. She will eat the toilet paper I wiped off. She will be My trash can. For My sake she will be anyone. She just has no choice. You know this wonderful feeling when your worthless bitch can’t even control her breathing now? Ahah of course not, you are losers. I want to and press her face to My beautiful ass and try to get out just to breathe. This time I saved her life but only because I wanted to watch her drink from the toilet lol. It seems that the grandmother did not like the sounds that her granddaughter made because she was praying ahah

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