Goddess Vika – The Liquidator

GORGEOUS 5’10” tall Russian-born model, Vika, debuts on ScissorVixens and WOW…does she make a HUGE SPLASH
in more ways than one!
We’ve been dying to shoot with Vika ever since we met her nearly 7 months ago during a pre-Fetcon party. At 5’10” tall barefoot, the striking blonde beauty immediately caught our attention and certainly everyone else’s.
Although Vika speaks with a perfect American accent…she definitely has not lost her sexy Russian accent which she uses to portray her ScissorVixens debut character as a Russian hit-woman named Vika ‘The Liquidator’!.
Vika is ALL LEGS and she knows those legs are irresistible to any man with a pulse and a love for sexy Russian women and she has no problem using them to trap her prey!
So when her target thinks he got lucky by inviting Vika back to his mansion for a little relaxation by his pool…he has no clue that this will be the last dip he takes in his hot tub.
Watch as Mika slowly wraps her anaconda thighs around his body and then tells him…
“So…you never did ask me for my full name…”.
“It’s Vika….Vika ‘The Liquidator’!”.
While having a death grip around his body using her powerful thighs, Vika then begins to strangle him in an arm-choke saying…”Don’t fight it…just go to sleep!”.
After briefly losing consciousness…the helpless man is woken and greeted with more LEGGY TORTURE as Vika delights in prolonging his anguish before ultimately liquidating him in her own special way!

Goddess Vika strips topless and nearly chokes her bloke with her legs as he tries to please her.

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