HEEL15CM – Boot domination: Mistress Victoria

Mrs. Victoria puts on her black suede over the knee boots, which clearly shows the features of her beautiful legs. Below, they have a flat sole, which is clearly dusty from frequent walks along the city street. Madame obviously does not like it. She orders the slaves to lie on the floor. As soon as she is submissive, lie back against the wall. Wikotria stands on her and walks along straight through the slave. Step by step Wikotria, street dust remains in the form of a distinctive picture of the soles of shoes on the clothes of the slave. And of course, Wikotria does not forget to walk on the head of her slave firmly stepping on her. After that, the face of the slave is waiting for a new pleasure in the form of good slaps and pulling hair. And when this passes, Mrs. Victoria decides to thoroughly trample and walk on slave hands, as the shoes are poorly cleaned. Mrs. Vicotria finally kicks her slave so that she finally learns the lesson. That the boots of Lady Victoria must be quickly and accurately cleaned with a tongue.

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