Helena Price – I Knocked Up My Step-Mom

HUBBY HAS LOW SPERM COUNT….NO PROBLEM!!! HELENA SIMPLY GETS THE SON TO DO THE JOB!! CONOR FILLS HIS STEP-MOM’S CUNT WITH LITTLE BABY MAKERS!!! Helena and her husband have been trying to have another baby….but no luck. A trip to the Doctor has revealed that her husband’s sperm count is too low. Desperate to add a new member to the Family….Helena secretly approaches her Step-Son Conor. Since Conor and his Dad share the same genes….Helena figures that if Conor Fathers the baby…nobody will ever know the difference! When Helena first approached him….Conor was a little reluctant….but Helena knows that the way to a young boy’s brain…is through his pants!!! Once she takes out his cock and starts sucking it….Conor is fully on board!!! After pounding his resourceful Step-Mom into oblivion with his huge cock….Conor does what Step-Mommy wanted….he fills her cunt full of little baby makers!!!

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