Hentaied – Bella Spark – Constentacles

Bella Spark is your typical hot influencer chick, well at least thats what most people think. She has quite a bit of weird pets, and today shes going to show them to her audience.
Bella starts with her morning routine, a shower, to which shes joined by no other than her pets, long alien tentacles. She turns the shower on and spreads her legs so one of the tentacle cocks can go inside her pussy and fuck her until shes showered bukkake-style in alien cum.
However, her bedtime routine is no less exciting. Shes willingly strapped to the bed by the tentacles, who once again fuck her tight pussy, and get sucked on by stunning Bella. All the while, she is instructing them to fuck her harder and deeper.
All of this is consensual of course, she even consensually swallows the alien tentacle cum, and gets her pussy creampied by it. Money, fame, and getting consensually fucked by tentacles? Bella is living a lifestyle other girls are certainly jealous of.

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