Jerk4PrincessUK – Natalia Forrest – Institute Mind Wipe – Transformation From Defiant Brat To Obedient Good Girl Serving Your Sexual Needs

Disrespectful foul-mouthed brat Natalia is packed off to the ‘Institute’, a finishing school for young ladies. She treats the rules with contempt but is about to experience a different type of ‘lesson’ in the Institute’s secret underground conditioning chamber. By the time she understands their sinister agenda it will too late to save herself – her personality and free-will will be lost forever. She will worship you and be devoted to making your dick squirt.

The mind wipe signal renders her docile and she willingly positions herself on the frame to gaze into the mesmerizing light as she repeats the Institute brainwash mantra. She awakens a new person – a polite, obedient lady with a single purpose: to serve you in every way, her body ever ready for your use. “Enjoy this body”. She wants to be the perfect girlfriend and can only find happiness by pleasing you sexually. She wants to turn you on and make you cum. She smiles, lost in a contented trance as you jerk for her.

Natalia’s mind does manage to re-surface a few times. She’s shocked and confused to find herself on her knees or playing with her tits. She demands to know what’s going on and becomes threatening & . Increased mind wipe signals put her back under and the conditioning becomes stronger, pushing her natural rebellious nature out and allowing a new happy, prim and proper lady ID to take hold. She’ll do absolutely anything to please you, let you use any and every hole, anything to experience the joy of watching you cum.

The old Natalia emerges one final time, scared and desperate to find a way out, finally understanding the situation and pleading “Please don’t take my mind!”. But there can be no escape. The final session on the conditioning rack transforms her permanently. “I’m a good girl now!” She puts on a beautiful white dress and becomes the perfect refined lady, smiling and blissful as she waits for the moment you will finally cum for her. This is her life now: serving you and making you happy.

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