Jordanas Spellbound Beauties – My Babysitter

Morgan is a BITCHY CHEERLEADER, babysitting tonight for a bratty little boy (POV), who has a crush on her. He wont leave her alone and can’t stand it. she just wants to watch tv, and collect her money and leave. But he wants some attention. So, he decides to Morgan so he can do whatever he wants to her. She falls under his spell easily, and he is soon making her CLUCK like a chicken, BARK like a , act like a monkey, walk like a ZOMBIE, BOW DOWN TO HIM and say she;s HIS SLAVE. Then she makes him call her boyfriend and break up with him, and do some silly cheers, chanting, “1-2-3-4, I’m a stupid, dirty whore. 5-6-7-8, That’s why I can’t get a date. Throughout the process, he SNAPS HER IN AND OUT OF IT, so she is sometimes back to normal, and when she is, she’s VERY ANGRY.

Description: hypnosis, control and humiliation

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