Kathia Nobili – My baby boy is sick! Only mommy knows, how to make you feel better my son

Baby, are you sick? Do you have a fever? Oh my God,yes you do! Just stay in mommy’s bed. Good cover under the blanket. And mommy will take a care of you. Make you nice hot tea and bring you something witch will make you feel better.

Baby boy, you didn’t felt a sleep yet, right?! Here is your tea and I brought you the menthol essential oil. No, naughty boy. It’s for helping you breath. Mommy will rub it all over your chest. Mommy feel so sorry that you’re sick and feel bad. But don’t be childish! You must drink that tea, right…we can wait when it’s get bit colder.

Until, mommy will rub that oil on your chest. How is it? Feel better already? Oh no! You are so cold, even warm blanket didn’t warm you up! Mommy will fix it! I just take of my pants and slide under the blanket with you. Mommy’s body will warm you up in just minutes.

Baby? Really…even now? When you sick and feel bad…you getting hard! Just to feels mommy’s body close to you, rubbing your chest? Well, well, well. We both know, only mommy can make you feel better, right?

Time to finish rubbing and start to worship and fuck my babyboy! When I told you, mommy will warm you up in just minutes, I didn’t mean to blow your beautiful cock and ride you, make love to you…BUT…that will work even better! And we will have just enough time for that tea to cool down. Mommy knows, how to make you feel much better

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