KathiaNobiliGirls – Kathia Nobili – Mom find your used condom under pillow

You had no idea that your today deeds will change your life!!! Change completely your relation ship with you mother! But step by step…you are obsess with you mother! Now when you are the man and not a little boy any more…you realize how sexy…how erotic your mom is! And how much she turns you on!!! In every fantasy of yours…she is making you cum so hard!!! Fuck!!! You just hope it is going to pass…as this is drive you crazy! You living in one house with the woman of your dreams and you can’t fuck her…you can not because she is your MOM!!!

Well, this morning when you gone, your mom is coming to clean your room! And she find it…find the used condom…fill up with your sperm!!! She get all freak out and waiting you in your room when you come back for some serious explanation!!! And she goes real hard on you! ,, Are you pig or what?!!! You know very well, it was under you pillow!!! Together with magazines and everything! Look I don’t have problem with erotic satisfaction, it is normal in your age…but this…hiding used condom under you pillow is discussing!,,

Now you have to explain your self!!! But how to start? You just fucking forgot that condom today….you tried to hide so much your masturbation, don’t leave traces on your bed how often you jerking off thinking about your mother…you just fuck it up and now…you have to come out with some lie? Or just say the truth!

It is all your mother mistake! Every morning she is coming to wake you up…looking so hot in her nightie. The way she moves around you, her smell, her skin…how she touches you. She was worry because you don’t have a girlfriend…but what she will be worry about now?!!!

You just said it!!! How much you wish to be with her…feel her and touch her! Obviously she is more shocked now then when she find the condom!

You also know…it been a long, long time she get f…! And you know very well all women has sexual needs…and you’ll be so perfect for her! You’ll fulfill all mommy’s desires!

And here you just ringing on the right strings!!! Somehow…your mommy is yours and only yours! She start to touch you the way, you were fantasies so many time!!! Take her now…be a best lover for your mother…the best she ever had! She loves you so much…her son…you are her treasure and now…you are her lover!

Feel your moms wet pussy and hold her hips strongly! Put her on your cock…fuck your mom!!! Show her what is inside you…fill her up!!! Make her pussy full with your sperm! Now you can! You crossed the line…that line between mother and son!!! Now you are LOVERS!!! You and your mom

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