Kelly Payne – A Pleasureable Surprise

“You stopped by your best friends place to pick him up but it doesn’t seem like anyone is home. You notice a whisper coming from his parents bedroom and decide to open the door.. it’s Mrs. Payne… Bent over on the best wearing some see through mesh lingerie and talking rather dirty… until she sits up right and realizes it’s you and NOT her husband. You can’t help it, damn she’s even sexier than you thought. You mess with her, You know you’ve always found me attractive. You try to convince her she should let you fuck her… she tells you to leave, you pretend to … and walk back in and this time pull her legs in and shove your hard cock inside of her. Overwhelmed with pleasure she barely stops you, and when you tel her to lay down she does and you fuck her and make her orgasm over and over in multiple positions. You try to bring up her husband and the cheating but she shhh’s you. When your about to cum she gets on her knees and tells you to hurry and cum on her… except her phone rings… you cover her in cum anyways, making for a rather awkward phone call for her and her hubby.”

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