Kelly Payne – Best Friends Mom is a MILF4 Catching Feelings

Kelly has sent her son and husband out for the weekend and has invited you over to watch a movie and chill? Or more… When you arrive you let yourself in and find Kelly making the popcorn in a very exposed sexy outfit… Following her over to the couch, playfully flirting and teasing on another, you both want the same thing… Although.. things are more than just the usual sexual tension, there’s something else… you kiss her and she teases you a little… Her son texts as she leans in for another kiss interrupting you both… asking to meet up and go out to pick up chicks, Kelly seems… jealous? no.. that can’t be right… You both kiss more, which leads to clothes striping off, more kissing, touching, teasing, laughing… switching from the sofa to the bedroom, things a lot more intimate this time… are you guys starting to catch feelings?

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