Kendra James and Winter Ryleigh – Spider Girl gets Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Witch has been wreaking havoc on the city after suffering a crushing blow. She’s turned her back on everyone including the Avengers, but Spider Babe thinks she can bring her round. The naive superheroine swings into Wanda’s lair and attempts to talk sense into her, but the devastated witch has other plans. She casts a spell warping Spider Babe’s mind and trapping her in an alternate reality before making herself feel better for just a moment by seducing the spider. Her magic control weaves a web, drawing the heroine in and making her fall in love and follow every command, kissing, sucking and slurping on Scarlet Witch’s pussy. Wanda enjoys a moment of extacy and cums on Spider Babes tongue, before making a strapon cock magically appear and fucking the heroine senseless. Spider Babe is now stuck in an endless loop of kissing, sucking and fucking while Scarlet Witch continues to wreak havoc and go after the rest of the Avengers!

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