Kingdom of feet and slaves – All the Dirt for Cindy

Cindy has been added to the stable of slaves by the cruel girls. The girls want to see how much this new bitch can take, going easy on slave girls is not possible for Kira and her friend Molly. Today, they take the bitch outside, collared and leashed thrown in the forest between the dirt, they kick and slap Cindy, first thing they do is they make her clean her own shoes, they are so dirty her whole face turns black! Kira spits on the shoe to help the bitch wipe it. Cindy wants to stay on the good side of the girls and is so obedient she laps up all the dirt from the top of their shoes, then Kira uses her as an ashtray while they make her lick the bottom of their shoes, with all the dirt and whatever is on their for her to eat! The cruel girls then trample her body covering her body with dirt even her exposed tits, poor Cindy all her body turns black! As the girls don’t give a fuck, and make her continue to lick their shoes clean.

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