Kingdom Of Feet And Slaves – fake realtor part 1

Leona was a little bored with her slaves and she decided to find someone new for herself, who had never tried to serve her, and Janice became one of these silly girls. The stupid girl urgently needed housing, she had very little money, but she was used to a good life and did not want to rent a completely bad option, and when the girl started searching, she came across an ad from Leona (who introduced herself as a fake realtor), they had a nice conversation and We agreed to meet . Arriving at the villa, Janice met with Leona and said that she was now in a difficult situation and she really liked the villa, but she had little money and would it be possible to make a discount …. Leona already knew that this bitch was hooked and she only has to ask, what are you ready for for this discount?!

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