Korina Kova – I Reprogrammed My Mother

This is a large production taboo masterpiece and has all the sensation trigger words that taboo fans crave I am waiting for my son to arrive home because we have planned a lunch date but as usual you stand me up, I leave you a desperate voicemail telling you that I have respected your privacy until now but you just spend to much time in that computer room and I am going to see whats really going on. When I open the door I am shocked to see what looks like hacker code on the screen and when I go to sit down I sit on some sort of headset, I am apprehensive but I continue to get to the bottom of what goes on in this computer room, as soon as I get the headset on I am in a virtual reality seeing myself (your mom) sucking on your cock, I am in shock and remove the headset and realize you are standing in the doorway, I tell you to explain yourself but you try to convince me that this program will change the future, you claim I saw it all wrong and ask for me to put the headset back on, you immediately hit the reprogram button and the process begins on my mind, this takes a few min but now I am ready to put the control device on my arm and start me up, you wipe my memory and I am back to normal mom mode, happy to see you and ready to make you lunch, as I place your sandwich down you hit the button and program me for maximum sex drive and overload of slutiness, now you walk into my room to me in full slut makeup and insane lingerie, I look over and say I am almost ready, now you start to experience your work in full swing as I push you down and start to give a lap dance that leads to a sloppy face fuck that ruins my makeup, but I let you know that I need my anal virginity used and that I am a free use whore of a mother, you cum on my face and I wont stop playing in it so you hit the programming button and set me into cleaning mode and I go take a shower, when I am out I am in normal mom mode but you can’t help but want more of me, so you once again hit the program control and set it to loving passionate lover mode, I am now ready to tuck you in, I give you the most passionate sex and you cum inside mommy, now its time for relax mode as I lay down with all my sons cum inside of me

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