Lady Fyre – Sibling Sex Ed – Ft. Felicity Feline

Mom was reading the Homeschool Moms Message Board & learned that while homeschooled chi.ldr3n are advanced in most areas, they lack in sex education. Of course mothers don’t want to explain sex to their ki1.ds, so they fall behind. But mom doesn’t ever want to hear about her darlings being “delayed”. Mom decides you’ll meet in the bedroom & explains that today’s lesson will be hands-on sex education. Homeschooling is based on hands-on experiences, and she knows that’s the best way for her to learn. Both you & sister are very reluctant at first, but you know that mom only has your best interest in mind.

Mom says that you & sister are going to look at one another’s body parts so that you can learn what they look like. She shows your sister what your penis looks like soft, then she strokes it to get it hard. Sister asks if all boys like handjobs, and mom says that they do but they often like blowjobs even more. Of course then mom has to demonstrate what a blowjob is. Sister stares in disbelief as mom licks & sucks your penis. Then she makes sister try it. “You don’t want to suck only the head,” mom says, an she pushes sister’s face down on your cock, making her deepthroat it. Then she tells sister to show you her parts as well. She strips off her shirt & bra, and mom compares sister’s breasts to her own, to show you that they can be different shapes & sizes. They both undress to show you their pussies; mom’s is hairy & sister’s isn’t.

“Now that you know what the parts are, you need to know how they work together.” Mom rides you, bounding up & down as sister watches. Then it’s her turn to practice, and she decides she likes it a lot. Mom shows you both missionary & doggystyle as well. “When he cums in your mouth, you’re going to swallow it. There’s lots of good nutrition,” mom instructs sister. You cum so hard in her mouth & she swallows just as instructed.

This is definitely the best homeschool lesson ever.

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