LadyFyreFemdom – Batman Enslaved Crusader

Ivy says it’s her turn on the bat cock. “You’re not lucky. I didn’t wear my poison lipstick today.” Batman being so passive. She is in love with her pantomones into Batman’s mouth. He struggles then exclaims, “Something strange is happening to me. I need to fuck!” He catches a flop wildly while her tits flop. Then he grabs Joker & does her doggystyle. Ivy loves this new version of Batman, a slave to his desires.
Joker off the batman. “It was MY potion!” she says his dick hard. “Batman has to keep his promises. He always has. He would have to keep his promises. Now is the perfect time.” He wants to make it all right. Ivy cheers on the joker and give him a sloppy blowjob and make him cum hard.

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