LadyFyreFemdom – Home Wrecker Housekeeping – Olivia Austin

I’m in town for a business conference and staying at the moderately nice hotel but the suite they gave me seems a little disheveled. I decide to call the front desk and ask if they will please send someone up to pick up the place a little before my colleges arrive. The lady at the front desk asks me if I want the “Premium Maid Service”. I say sure because I really want them to do a good job and get my room clean.

I decide to kick back for a few minutes when I hear someone come in. I figure it’s the maid and just keep chillin in the other part of the suite. When I finally come out of the bedroom to see if it looks any better I find a tall, voluptuous blonde in nothing but a bra and panties standing in the middle of the room waiting for me. I am totally shocked of course! I try to explain to “the maid” that there has clearly been a misunderstanding, but the truth is I am hopelessly unable to resist this gorgeous woman’s advances.

It takes a minimal amount of convincing from her and before I know it she has me in the palm of her hand. I confess that I am married but that just fuels the vixen’s fire. She is determined to provide me this “Premium Maid Service” and there’s nothing I can do, I must fuck this woman. How can I not? She’s every man’s dream!

She leads me through some of the best sex I have ever had which was awesome but she seemed to really enjoy the fact the she got me to cheat on my wife. It’s like it turned her on even more. She keeps talking about my wife while fucking me but I don’t let it get to me. I am not wasting this opportunity. I did pay for it after all.

Then my phone starts ringing. The maid grabs it off the counter and answers it! WTF? It’s my wife! It’s as if the maid wants to get me in trouble. I can’t believe she did that. She hands me the phone and starts sucking me off while I try to explain to my wife why another woman answered my phone. I manage to get off the phone before the maid makes me explode in her mouth. That was close! Too close. That was amazing! Hmmm, I wonder if she cleans houses too.

She gives him a blowjob and a handjob before he fucks her in missionary, cowgirl and doggy style. It ends with Olivia sucking him off

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